Halau Hula Olana

     This popular Keiki Hula Halau made up of 20 children (keiki) from the most revered hula school in Hawaii love performing for guests. Perennial winners of prestigious hula competitions throughout Hawaii for the past twenty-two years, the halau features it’s dancers between the ages of 6 and 18, giving a renewed insight to the rich culture and heritage of this tiny island state.

     Halau Hula Olana or “School of Living Hula”, which began in 1975, has traveled extensively and has performed in Europe, Asia, the South Pacific and throughout the United States. The halau, or school competed in the Keiki Hula Festival. They took first place in 2000 and 2003 in both male keiki solo dancer division and female keiki solo dancer. In 2001, 2002 and 2003 the male title was captured again. This is a statewide competition and our winners are often our featured dancers in our show for your guests.

     In recent years the halau has been invited to represent the United States of America at the Shanghai Children’s Cultural and Arts Festival. The City and County of Honolulu, honored Howard and Olana Ai, the teacher and director of the halau for their hard work and dedication to the children of Hawaii.

     As dignitaries visit Honolulu, the group is often asked by the Governor to perform for leaders throughout the world. They have performed for Presidents Reagan, Bush and their respective wives, the Clinton family and have been presented to the Emperor and Empress of Japan, as well as the King of Tonga, Prince Charles, Lady Diana and many others.

     Performing on ships and at special events gives these endearing children an opportunity to meet people from all over the world and share their message of “Aloha” from Hawaii.

     Some of the highlights of the show include their signature song “Surround Me With Love”. The children dance into the aisles and up close to the guests in their seats. This dance melts the audience’s hearts and draws them in closer to the children. The show ends with a song about the meaning of the word Aloha along with Aloha Oe. The littlest keiki (ages 6 & 7) walk into the audience and shake hands, thanking the audience for coming to the show. Olana (our MC and their teacher) ends their performance with a fond Aloha as the children gather all together waving and saying “Aloooooha!”

     The energy that has built to this point results in a standing ovation in a majority of our performances. There is also a good feeling listening to the audience as they leave the theatre. Lots of wonderful memories of the show and children are expressed with warmth and smiles on their faces.

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